In Ueno, when it comes to yakitori, it's all about Torikiyo, 鳥清.

 This is a yakitori restaurant that can be walked to from Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station. (Here is a map. )

Below are some photos of the area around the shop.

The shop is characterized by its signboard that reads "鳥 鳥 鳥 Bird Bird Bird." Use this sign as a landmark to find the shop.

The highlight of this shop is undoubtedly its yakitori. They use chicken sourced from the market every morning for their dishes.

If you visit this shop, start with the "Yakitori Set." As for drinks, choose as you like. If you want to follow the Japanese businessperson style, don't hesitate to order a draft beer, which will be served chilled.

The Yakitori Set comes with four skewers, served in the order they are cooked. Additionally, you will receive a little appetizer called "otōshi." (This is charged, but it is not expensive. It is almost always served in Japanese izakayas, and it is usually not possible to refuse it.)

Note that the Yakitori Set includes skewers that are (of course, safe to eat) slightly undercooked, such as the liver skewers.

My image of yakitori changed after eating at this shop. It's very delicious.

Although I introduced the Yakitori Set (sorry, no photos), the chicken pot is also delicious, so if you like this shop, be sure to make a reservation and try the chicken pot.

First, stop by casually and start with a Yakitori Set and a draft beer.


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