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Standing bar - Matsui Sake Ten - Enjoying a beer or whiskey standing alone at the end of the day

  Located in Okachimachi, "Matsui Shop" is a store rich in Western liquors, reborn from a liquor store with an 80-year history into a stand-and-drink bar. Situated right next to Okachimachi Park, the shop has shifted to a shot bar under the daughter's management, offering a wide variety of Western liquors such as whiskey, bourbon, and single malt at reasonable prices. Features and Attractions Location : Near Okachimachi Park, conveniently accessible for travelers staying in Ueno and the vicinity of Okachimachi. Variety of Western Liquors : Features a wide range of Western liquors available from 400 yen. Especially rich in choices of whiskey, bourbon, and single malt. Atmosphere : The interior is styled like a Western from the wild west, allowing you to relax and enjoy your drink in an amber ambiance. Recommendation : The Maker's Mark soda mix (500 yen) comes highly recommended. Payment is cash on delivery. Why It's Recommended for Travelers from Abroad Matsui Shop

Experiencing Japan's Culinary Tradition at Inshotei in Ueno Park

  Located within Ueno Park, "Inshotei" is a restaurant that embodies the traditions of Japanese cuisine, serving both traditional Japanese and washoku dishes. With a history of 140 years, this establishment has captivated many with its dishes that evoke the four seasons of Japan and its tranquil atmosphere. Below, we introduce the charm of Inshotei, while also providing a link to the restaurant's official website. If you were to host a special dining event in Japan, choosing this restaurant would be a wise decision. However, it seems that many Japanese are actually unaware of this establishment. If you plan to visit this restaurant, we recommend trying the tori sukiyaki during the evening hours. (from  ) Location of Inshotei Inshotei is a renowned restaurant of Japanese cuisine located within Ueno Park in Taito-ku, Tokyo. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Ueno Park, visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine in a serene envir

In Ueno, when it comes to yakitori, it's all about Torikiyo, 鳥清.

  This is a yakitori restaurant that can be walked to from Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station. (Here is a map.   ) Below are some photos of the area around the shop. The shop is characterized by its signboard that reads "鳥 鳥 鳥 Bird Bird Bird." Use this sign as a landmark to find the shop. The highlight of this shop is undoubtedly its yakitori. They use chicken sourced from the market every morning for their dishes. If you visit this shop, start with the "Yakitori Set." As for drinks, choose as you like. If you want to follow the Japanese businessperson style, don't hesitate to order a draft beer, which will be served chilled. The Yakitori Set comes with four skewers, served in the order they are cooked. Additionally, you will receive a little appetizer called "otōshi." (This is charged, but it is not expensive. It is almost always served in Japanese izakayas, and it is usually not possible to